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Eagle Scout Projects of Troop 2


Joe Karamatic
A New Tether Ball Court for Boys & Girls Club
Alex Kyle
Reconstructing The Pond For The Bidwell Nature Center Outdoor Ed Program


Dan Brooks
ARC Playground Restoration

Past Projects
      David Hines
      John Sullivan
      Kiefer McCartney
      Matt Stein
      Nick Payne 
      Zeke Cottrell 
      Luc Gendrot
      Dan Brooks
      Tyler Rice
      Nick Reiner
      Eric Oman
      Gabe Cottrell
      Jacob Shippen
      Griffen Moran
      Robin Medearis
      Tim Lynch
     Chris Medearis
     Nick Jester
     Andrew Lavin
     Danny Matthews
      Will Carlon 
     Kyle Z. Varga
      Andrew Frink
     Randy Eitel
      Nick Fassieux 
     Matthew Adema
      Brain Gobba
     Benjamin Sprague
     Dayne Eitel
     Ryan Carlon
     Christopher Dow
      Brian Arnet
     Kyle Arnet
      Brian Gobba
      Michael MacBean
     William Harkness
     Matthew Dolan
     Matthew Borzage
     Grant Forrester
     Paul Adema
     Michael Gobba
      Eric Campbell

 Eagle Scout Requirements

  1. Be active in your troop, team, crew, or ship for a period of at least six months after you have achieved the rank of Life Scout.
  2. Demonstrate that you live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law in your daily life. List on your Eagle Scout Rank Application the names of individuals who know you personally and would be willing to provide a recommendation on your behalf, including parents/guardians, religious, educational, and employer references. 
  3. Earn a total of 21 merit badges (10 more than you already have), including the following: 
    1. First Aid 
    2. Citizenship in the Community 
    3. Citizenship in the Nation 
    4. Citizenship in the World 
    5. Communication 
    6. Personal Fitness 
    7. Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving 
    8. Environmental Science OR Sustainability 
    9. Personal Management 
    10. Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling 
    11. Camping 
    12. Family Life 
    • You must choose only one merit badge listed in items 7, 8, and 10. If you have earned more than one of the badges listed in items 7, 8, and 10, choose one and list the remaining badges to make your total of 21.
  4. While a Life Scout, serve actively in your unit for a period of six months in your unit in one or more of the following positions of responsibility. List only those position served after your Life board of review date. 
  5. Boy Scout troop. Patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, senior patrol leader, Venture patrol leader, troop guide, Order of the Arrow troop representative, den chief, scribe, librarian, historian, quartermaster, junior assistant Scoutmaster, chaplain aide, instructor, Webmaster, or Leave No Trace Trainer. 
  6. Varsity Scout team. Captain, co-captain, program manager, squad leader, team secretary, Order of the Arrow team representative, librarian, historian, quartermaster, chaplain aide, instructor...