• TP 1 Trees Placed
  • TP 2 Stuffing Envelopes
  • TP 3 Deliver Fliers
  • TP 4 Pick-up
  • TP 5 Feed them all
  • TP 6 Have some fun
  • TP 7 Ready to drop
  • TP 8 Feed again
  • TP 9 Congradulations

Time has run out but you can still recycle your tree.

Many thanks to the 1200 supporters that have requested a tree pick-up for our Christmas Tree 27th Anniversary Pick-up and Recycling of 2019. Monday, January 7th was the last day to sign up. But it’s still not too late to add your tree to the recycling effort if you can get your tree to any one of the three drop offs sites this Saturday. 
Maybe we can reach our goal if......
You drop off your tree this coming Saturday, January 12th from 9:00 am  to 12 Noon at the any one of following locations:
Hooker Oak Recreation Area, 1928 Manzanita Ave
Oakway Park, 8th Avenue and Hwy 32
Butte Bible Fellowship, next to the Almond Plaza, 2255 Pillsbury Road

Christmas Tree Pickup


  • Butte County Fish and Game